Monday, 28 January 2013

Letters from victims

To Whom It May Concern: This man is a farmer and businessman.

My name is x, a small farmer living at the above address. I have been a victim of domestic abuse and I am now being abused through the children. On one occasion I was hospitalised when my wife hit me on the head from behind with an iron. I suffered concussion. Up until the summer of 1997 I lived with my wife and three children aged 11-4 but since then my wife has moved out to live with married man in a rented house about three miles away, taking our three children with her. The man she is living with now is a Mr xx of no fixed abode they now live in xxxx. (She is a teacher)

At one time when my children came to me they were always at the gate waiting for her for at least a half an hour before she was due to collect them. My youngest son told me that the first to the car got £1, the second a bar of chocolate, the third a nice sweet and the last a 'yukki' sweet. Another access arrangement was that we meet in a nearby town, then she changed their watches and clocks in the house and told them, "There you are, your Daddy doesn’t care for you, he doesn’t even bother to come and collect you". Off she would go and then I would have to go searching for them, very often unsuccessfully. The access time would be over if and when I caught up with them.

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  1. My partner did similar with access. She constantly used to turn up late.She often would tell my child that there was access today and go to the agreed place, wait and then drive off and tell the child I never turned up. She would tell him that his daddy didn't love because if he did then he would be here on time.But this would be on a day when there was no access arranged anyway. My son told me this when he was a bit older. I was in court so many times over access. She lied over and over again.
    I am still fighting with her over access and it just never seems to end.
    I never did anything at all on her, she was unfaithful and had no interest in me or our son. She used to go out partying and drnking and had a great social life. I stayed home and minded the child. I made sure he was fed and clothed and taken care of.
    I worry about my son constatly, I worry that he is not being taken care of.
    I would love to have custody of my son. He is always so happy when he is with me. We have such good fun together. He is my world. I work so hard to make sure I can give him the things he needs. My ex wouldn't think of buying him new clothes or toys. I do that. I make sure he has everything. He seems to be an inconvenience to her lifestyle.
    I do not sleep worrying about my son.
    I just want whats best for him.

    I don't know what to do.