Monday, 28 January 2013

Letters from victims

I'm writing this letter to describe how the good people in Amen helped me when I was at the lowest point of my life. I am a recovering alcoholic and was stuck in a relationship with a lot of mental abuse.
I had no one to turn to. I just thought that marriage was supposed to be like that. Having been through a lot with the battle with drink, I thought I was strong and wouldn't let things show on the outside. But deep down inside I knew I wasn't being treated like a human being. I was living in a total nightmare. I wasn't allowed to say or suggest anything, all I was, was a money making machine and a child minder when she was out spending every penny that she got.
I was in a bad way. I had no confidence and felt worthless, afraid to stay and most of all afraid to leave my children.
My brother took me to Amen, I was glad he did because I wouldn't have gone on my own, I would have been afraid too.
After the first visit it felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I couldn't believe that two girls could be so understanding. This wasn't the vision I had of women. They spoke to me like I was a human being and I wasn't used to that. I can't explain how much those two girls helped me, the relief of somebody listening to me. The girls suggested some kind of counselling to me. It was then I met a nice man called Michael.
I can only describe this man as a genius. He taught me things about myself that I didn't even realise myself. Being good at hiding my feelings, he would come at me at different angles and I would trip myself up. Every session I had with Michael my confidence was growing and growing. When the sessions ended I missed them, but deep down I knew I had to go it alone and with my confidence growing it was time to put everything into practice and it is working.
Last but not least, there's Brendan. He is very honest and sincere and has a great knowledge of people's feelings; he has a great way of getting things across to people. It's lovely trait to have. He has a great way with people.
As I said before, I can't even start to explain the gratitude I have to Amen. My family, friends and work mates all notice the big changes in me since I first went to Amen. I don't know how I would have coped with my situation. I was nearly suicidal, not knowing where to turn, all I can say is thank god for those great people, I don't know where I'd be now if I hadn't went with my brother that night.
Thanks everyone in Amen. I am, where I am today because of you all.

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  1. I too had counselling with Amen. Was very helpful. It's very strange to sit as a man and talk about feelings. Totally new concept to me, but I'm glad I did. Definately made me a stronger man and I'm not afraid to admit now that I was abused by a woman. It happens! Woman may be smaller in height and build but are very capable of abusing men.