Monday, 28 January 2013

Letter from the Chairperson

Over the years, men from around the country have come to Amen Support Services Ltd. to share their stories of domestic abuse. Men have shared stories of being denied assistance from so many agencies simply because they are men. Many men have shared truly harrowing stories of being disbelieved by state and family support agencies, being falsely accused of heinous crimes. Men have been denied access to their children and children have been denied access to their fathers. Men have shared stories of being removed or forced to leave their family home, in some cases rendering them homeless. In short, men and their children have suffered, and continue to suffer, physical, verbal, psychological and financial abuse in the one place they should feel safe, in their homes.
This blog allows men, their children, their families and society to gain an insight into the plight of these men. All of them are heroes.
There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Amen Support Services Ltd. continues to be a lifeline when help and support can not be found elsewhere.
On behalf of Amen Support Services Ltd, I wish to thank most sincerely, all who contribute your stories to this blog. This blog is your forum and it is obvious to say that the blog could not exist if it were not for you.
I truly hope this blog will provide a forum, a sounding board and a glimmer of light to men whose days may sometimes appear clouded in darkness."

Eugene Wogan

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